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#746: Ad Astra / Top 5 Steppenwolf Member Movie Performances

It's always good news when an acclaimed director announces a new project, but it's somehow especially thrilling when that project is set in space. We started 2019 with two highly anticipated space missions: Claire Denis' HIGH LIFE with Robert Pattison (reviewed back on episode 724) and James Gray's AD ASTRA, which has Brad Pitt traveling across the solar system to locate his missing father - and save the planet. In their review, Adam calls it the best film of the year, while Josh calls it "the most visually arresting session of talk therapy you can imagine." That's good... right?

Also on the show, a celebration of Chicago theater with the Top 5 Steppenwolf Member Movie Performances. 2019 marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of the venerable Chicago theatre company, whose ensemble boasts the likes of John Malkovich, Laurie Metcalf, Gary Sinise, Joan Allen among many others. Also inspiring the Top 5 is a newly published oral history of Chicago theatre - Ensemble - by Chicago writer Mark Larson.

0:00 - Billboard
1:17 - Review: "Ad Astra"
Greg Felden, "Take You Back Home"
27:20 - Next week / Notes
36:11 - Massacre Theatre
41:26 - Donations
42:45 - Top 5: Steppenwolf Member Movie Performances
1:27:35 - Close


- Greg Felden


- Josh's Ad Astra review


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