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#747: Joker / Chicago International Film Festival Preview

Between its late-August premiere at the Venice Film Festival (where it won the festival's top prize) and its release in theaters here in the States, Todd Phillips' JOKER has provoked every possible response, with some calling it among the best films of the year and others calling it the absolute worst – not to mention the much-discussed fears that the movie was "dangerous." No surprise then that when Adam and Josh finally got around to seeing it, they split – not just on the film itself, but on everything from the film's score to star Joaquin Phoenix's take on the iconic villain.

That review, plus listeners weigh in on their favorite Phoenix performances and a preview of the upcoming Chicago International Film Festival.

0:00 - Billboard
1:00 - Review: "Joker"
Dehd, "Pushing the Crowd"
36:13 - Next week / Notes
42:00 - Polls (J. Phoenix Performances / 2010s Movie Mentors)
50:43 - Preview: Chicago International Film Festival
1:03:07 - Close


- Dehd


- Josh's Joker review

- Chicago International Film Festival info

- Adam and Josh’s CIFF picks


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