"The Flagship Film Podcast"

“The flagship film podcast” featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews.


A collection of great movies – not necessarily the 'greatest' movies – the hosts have a personal connection to and love so much they're ineligible for Top 5 consideration. View the Pantheon and see dates titles were added on Letterboxd.

golden brickS

Inspired by writer/director Rian Johnson's debut movie "Brick" – and the show's near-constant praise of it – every year Filmspotting champions its favorite overlooked/under-the-radar films with the Golden Brick Awards. 2016 winner "The Fits."


Michael Phillips and Slate's Dana Stevens joined Adam and Josh live at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday, July 26, 2014, to commemorate 500 episodes. The group and other special guests shared their Top 5 Films of the Filmspotting Era. 


That's just like Filmspotting listeners' opinions, man... Through three years of brackets, the show has crowned the best actor (2015), the best director (2016) and the best Pantheon film (2017). See the winners and all the bracket results. Coming in 2018: Best Film of the '90s.

Sight & Sound Lists

After BFI published its poll results in 2012, Adam, Josh and Michael Phillips took a run at constructing their own Top 10 Films of All Time ballots. Plus, special guests including directors Jeff Nichols and Rian Johnson weighed in with their #1 most essential film.

Sacred Cows

Classic/generally beloved films that have been revisited and reconsidered. List l Episodes


Catching up with major titles that somehow slipped through the viewing cracks. List l Episodes


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