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#724: Claire Denis / High Life / Madness Champ

The 70 year-old French director of "Beau Travail," "35 Shots of Rum" and last year's "Let the Sunshine In" is having a moment. After 30 years of critically-acclaimed work, Claire Denis remains largely unknown in the U.S. That could change with her latest, HIGH LIFE, an existential sci-fi film starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. Denis was in Chicago for a recent screening of the film, giving Adam and guest host Scott Tobias a rare chance to sit down with Denis and talk about how "High Life" fits into her sensuous and provocative body of work and how, among other things, Stephen Hawking's writing contributed to the universe she created on screen. She also plays along with the Filmspotting Five, where she admits to loving ok-maybe-not-your-least-favorite-Wes-Anderson-movie-but-few-people's-favorite (not even Josh's).

Also on the show: Adam and Scott join the chorus of critics - and moviegoers - who have found themselves surprisingly charmed by the DCEU's SHAZAM. Plus, the crowning of the 2019 Filmspotting Madness champion.

0:00-1:17 - Billboard
1:17-28:22 - Interview: Claire Denis
Bad Bad Hats, "Wide Right"
29:04-32:53 - Next week / Notes
32:53-48:48 - Madness: Champion / Polls
48:48-55:56 - Review: "Shazam"
Bad Bad Hats, "Dunno Why"
56:49-1:15:08 - Review: "High Life"
1:15:08-1:19:00 - Close  


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- Scott Tobias on "High Life"

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