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#725: Her Smell / Donen #1 - On the Town

Elisabeth Moss smells like teen spirit.

In Alex Ross Perry's HER SMELL, Elisabeth Moss gives a performance that, for Adam and Josh, evokes Gena Rowlands' iconic work in "A Woman Under the Influence" and a punk-rock Lady Macbeth. Moss's Becky Something is the drug-addled, manic and abusive lead singer of a '90s-era rock band that's fallen on hard times. It's also, according to Adam, the best film of the year so far.

Also on the show: 1949's ON THE TOWN, the first in a four-film Stanley Donen Marathon. Plus, Josh's report from this year's Ebert Interruptus.

0:00-1:07 - Billboard
1:07-26:13 - Review: "Her Smell"
26:37-38:17 - Spoilers: "Her Smell"
On the Town, "On the Town"
38:58-39:45 - Donations
39:45-53:07 - Next week / Ebert Interruptus / Notes
53:07-55:28 - Massacre Theatre
55:28-1:18:46 - Donen #1: "On the Town"
1:18:46-1:21:31 - Close


-Josh's “Her Smell” review

-“Her Smell” at The Music Box

-Andy Wolverton's Ebert Interruptus blog post

-Michael Phillips on Stanley Donen


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