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#726: Avengers: Endgame / Beyoncé's Homecoming / Donen #2 - Funny Face

Can the MCU mothership stick the landing?

After earning a probably undeserved reputation for being hard on the MCU, Adam and Josh return from their ENDGAME screening speaking the language of converts: the final chapter of this decade-in-the-making MCU story not only manages to tie up its multiple story threads, but does so in an entertaining and, yes, moving way. Adam and Josh also make time to recommend Beyoncé's new HOMECOMING concert doc and Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams in FOSSE/VERDON. Plus, the second film in the Stanley Donen Marathon, 1957's FUNNY FACE with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. 

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0:00-1:12 - Billboard
1:12-23:02 - Review: "Avengers: Endgame"
23:02-50:17 - "Endgame" spoiler talk
Beyoncé, "Freedom" (Live at Coachella)
50:59-55:26 - Josh recommends: "Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce"
55:26-58:42- Adam recommends: "Fosse/Verdon"
58:42-59:54 - Next week / Notes
59:54-1:12:05 - Polls (MCU / Summer Preview / Madness 2020)
1:12:05-1:36:54 - Donen #2: "Funny Face"
1:36:54-1:38:36 - Close


- Episode 1 of "Fosse/Verdon" covers their time on "Sweet Charity" not "The Pajama Game" (which Fosse choreographed).


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