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#697: The Predator / Burt Reynolds Tribute (Deliverance)


As long as there are people to remember Burt Reynolds, they’re most likely to recall the goofy, charismatic, hard-driving star of movies like "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Cannonball Run" and as the benevolent despot of the late-70s porn scene in his Oscar-nominated role in PTA's "Boogie Nights." But it's possible that none of those Reynolds performances would have existed without his star-making turn in 1972's DELIVERANCE. Reynolds's death gives Adam and Josh a chance to catch up with John Boorman's Best Picture-nominated film and give it a 'Blindspotting' review. Plus a ‘funny voices’ edition of Massacre Theatre and a review of the new THE PREDATOR written and directed by Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" "The Good Guys").  

This episode of Filmspotting is presented by Miller Lite, State Street's Crazy Enough to Work podcastSquarespace (code FILM) and Ben & Jerry's.    

0:00-2:26 - Billboard
5:26-23:55 - Review: "The Predator"
Mountain Man, "Rang Tang Ring Toon"
25:35-31:10 - Next Week / Notes
31:10-42:50 - Massacre Theatre
44:50-1:23:04 - Burt Reynolds Tribute: "Deliverance" (Blindspotting Review)
1:23:04-1:26:15 - Close


- Mountain Man


- Massacre Theatre winner: Brian Monsell, Takoma Park, MD


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