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#698: Lawrence of Arabia / Top 5 David Lean Moments


A new 70mm print of David Lean's 1963 Best Picture-winning epic just wrapped up a run at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. Having survived their recent "4D" screening (temperamental A/C on a blisteringly hot late-summer day), Adam and Josh return from Lean's "Arabia" in awe of the director's widescreen compositions, his revelatory transitions and the film's complicated take on hero worship and British exceptionalism. That Sacred Cow review, plus more praise for Lean with the Filmspotting Top 5: David Lean Moments.

0:00-1:26 - Billboard
2:25-30:37 - Sacred Cow: "Lawrence of Arabia"
Maurice Jarre, "Main Title" (Lawrence of Arabia)
31:49-37:19 - Next Week / Notes
37:19-47:25 - Polls (Historical Epics / Musical Dramas)
Maurice Jarre, "Then It's a Gift (End Title)" (Dr. Zhivago)
47:59-51:26 - Donations
51:26-1:27:09 - Top 5: David Lean Moments
1:27:09-1:30:01 - Close


- “Lawrence of Arabia” review transcript

- Josh at University of St. Thomas


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