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#696: Ethan Hawke Interview / Top 5 Hawke Moments


With the critical reappraisal of Ethan Hawke in full swing after a career-best performance in Paul Schrader's "First Reformed," Adam and Josh commemorate "The Hawkessance" with a consideration of the actor's long and varied career, from Todd Anderson's "sweaty-toothed madman" to Rev. Toller's existential despair (and all those Sunrises and Sunsets in between). Joining Adam and Josh for the Top 5 Ethan Hawke Moments is Keith Phipps, Next Picture Show co-host and author of his own recent reconsideration of Hawke. Plus, Adam's interview with Hawke, who talks about BLAZE, his new biopic about Texas singer-singwriter Blaze Foley, and also about the importance of letting your kids make their own mistakes.        

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0:00-1:39 - Billboard
2:29-35:30 - Interview: Ethan Hawke
Blaze Foley, "Clay Pigeons"
37:10-48:18 - Next Week / Notes
48:18-57:13 - Polls (Hawke's best / Historical Epics)
Nina Simone, "Just in Time"
1:00:02-2:05:47 - Top 5: Ethan Hawke Moments
2:05:47-2:09:05 - Close


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