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#668: Black Panther / Top 5 Superhero-Director Combos (We'd Like To See)


The inspired pairing of Ryan Coogler and BLACK PANTHER has the hosts in pitch mode as Adam and Josh offer up the superhero projects they'd like to see on the big screen, including the directors - and stars - who should make them happen. Plus, the 4th annual Filmspotting Madness gets underway with the announcement of a handful of play-in matches. 

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0:00-1:24 - Intro
1:24-27:41 - Review: "Black Panther"
Kendrick Lamar, "Black Panther"
28:36-37:46 - Next Week / Notes
37:46-47:37 - Massacre Theatre
47:37-1:01:04 - Filmspotting Madness
Wings, "Magneto and Titanium Man"
1:01:55-1:46:43 - Top 5: Superhero-Director Combos (We'd Like To See)
1:46:43-1:56:18 - Close / Hot Mics


- Massacre Theatre winner: Matt Zander, Big Lake, MN


- What is Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?

- Josh's review of "Black Panther"

- Alex Garland Interested In Directing 'Swamp Thing' Movie

- Kathryn's Poems From The Pictures

- Fandango-"Black Panther" Gift Cards

- Filmspotting Madness


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