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#667: Darkest Hour / Top 5 Gary Oldman Performances

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In the 30 years since his turn as the temperamental Sid Vicious in Alex Cox's '86 punk biopic "Sid and Nancy," Gary Oldman has brought an intense commitment - sometimes flamboyant, theatrical level of commitment - to dozens of memorable roles. This week, Adam and Josh review Oldman's Oscar-nominated turn as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright's DARKEST HOUR and share a top 5 devoted to the chameleonic actor's most essential cinematic creations.

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0:00-1:04 - Intro
1:04-30:00 - Review: "Darkest Hour"
The Sex Pistols, "God Save The Queen"
30:49-46:48 - Next Week / FS Madness
46:48-1:19:42 - Top 5: Gary Oldman Performances
1:19:42-1:28:19 - Close / Hot Mics  


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