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#669: Titanic / Top 5 Overlooked '90s Movies


"Pulp Fiction," "Goodfellas," "Fargo": some ‘90s movies moved seamlessly from best of the year, to best of the decade, to best of all time. But as the '90s recede further into the past, lesser-known (but also great) films are at risk of being forgotten. This week on the show, in anticipation of Filmspotting Madness: Best of the 90s, Adam and Josh recommend some overlooked 90s movies from Jane Campion, Spike Lee, John Sayles and more, and split on their Sacred Cow review of James Cameron’s TITANIC.

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0:00-2:20 - Intro
3:14-41:31 - Sacred Cow: "Titanic"
The Cardigans, "Lovefool"
44:18-47:05 - Next Week / Notes
47:05-58:38 - Filmspotting Madness
The La's, "There She Goes"
59:29-1:05:27 - Donations
1:05:27-1:43:51 - Top 5: Overlooked 90s Movies
1:43:51-1:45:40 - Close


- Alissa Wilkinsin on "Titanic"

- Cameron Explains Jack Couldn't Get on the Door Because...

- Filmspotting Madness

- Aren's 3 Brother's film site

- Scott Tobias on "Trust"


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