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#702: Halloween ('78) / Halloween ('18)


For their Sacred Cow review of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, Adam and Josh took another look at a film about which they're both already on record: there's Josh's 2007 first encounter, which resulted in one of only four negative reviews logged on Rotten Tomatoes. And then there's Adam's 2005 watch, which was part of the second ever Filmspotting Marathon. He named it the best film of that eight-part Horror Marathon, which included titles like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Dario Argento's "Suspiria." All these years later, they both had had some quibbles with those earlier takes.

Also on the show, thoughts on David Gordon Green's new "Halloween" sequel, plus the Filmspotting poll and more.    

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0:00-2:30 - Billboard
3:44-34:00 - Review: "John Carpenter's Halloween"
John Carpenter, "Laurie's Theme"
34:32-43:47 - Next Week / Notes
43:47-50:48 - Polls [Horror Remakes / Music Biopics]
50:48-1:06:54 - Review: "Halloween" (2018)
1:06:54-1:09:29 - Close


- Josh’s review of Halloween (‘18)

- “Halloween: Unmasked” podcast

- Chosen: Custody of the Eyes at University of Chicago's DOC Films


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