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#703: New On Netflix (Hold The Dark, Private Life)


With his thoughtful takes on the revenge and violent thriller genres, "Blue Ruin" and "Green Room" director Jeremy Saulnier has emerged as one of most exciting young directors of the last decade. His latest, HOLD THE DARK, is an enigmatic thriller set in a remote Alaskan village. Skipping theaters entirely, it debuted on Netflix at the end of September. Likewise, director Tamara Jenkins teamed with the streaming service for the long-awaited follow-up to her acclaimed 2007 film "The Savages." Adam and Josh find much to recommend in both films, along with thoughts on the latest from Nicole Holofcener (THE LAND OF STEADY HABITS, also on Netflix), Marielle Heller (CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?) and Frederick Wiseman (MONROVIA, INDIANA).

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0:00-2:09 - Billboard
3:54-21:44 - Review: "Hold The Dark"
21:44-35:49 - "Hold The Dark" Spoilers
Billie Eilish, "You Should See Me In A Crown"
36:36-48:33 - Next Week / Notes
48:33-55:37 - Massacre Theatre
55:37-1:01:42 - JL Recs: "Can You Ever...", "Land of Steady Habits" 
1:01:43-1:10:23 - AK Recs: "Monrovia, Indiana"
Billie Eilish, "Copycat"
1:11:03-1:26:19 - Review: "Private Life"
1:26:19-1:28:55 - Close


- Billie Eilish


- Correction: “Blue Ruin” was released in 2013 not 2014, as Adam said.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Miles Sibley, Minneapolis


- Josh's review of Hold the Dark

- Josh's review of Private Life


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