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#701: First Man / Top 5 Movie Flights


Wunderkind director Damien Chazelle follows up his Oscar-winning "La La Land" with FIRST MAN, a Neil Armstrong biopic that avoids easy mythologizing to tell the story of an obsessive, grieving everyman who made history. This week on the show, Adam and Josh have a review of Chazelle's film and share their Top 5 Movie Flights - scenes that capture the thrill and terror (and chorus girls!) of aviation.

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0:00-2:41 - Billboard
4:19-35:07 - Review: "First Man"
Phosphorescent, "Beautiful Boy"
38:24-43:52 - Next Week / Notes
43:52-51:40 - Massacre Theatre
Phosphorescent, "C'est la vie"
52:53-59:30 - Donations
59:30-1:40:08 - Top 5: Movie Flights
1:40:08-1:44:15 - Close / Hot Mics


- Phosphorescent


- Massacre Theatre Winner: Melissa Prusi, St. Louis Park, Minn.


- Josh’s review of “First Man.”

- Miyazaki’s Love of Flying Supercut


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