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#700: A Star Is Born / Top 5 Movie Duets


Bradley Cooper's A STAR IS BORN is the fourth adaptation of the tale - fifth if you count 1932's George Cukor-directed "What Price Hollywood." The story of a hard-drinking industry veteran discovering and grooming a young starlet (or singer) also has a strong awards pedigree, with those previous incarnations accumulating a total of 19 Oscar nominations. For his directing debut, Cooper isn't dabbling, and it seems like the gamble has paid off. Early reviews have been strong, including for Cooper's star: acting novice (if legit superstar) Lady Gaga. On this week's show, Adam and Josh join the new Star's fan club, but do they love it enough to satisfy the movie's most ardent fans? Also: the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips comes aboard for a preview of the Chicago Int'l Film Festival (Oct 10-21) and the Filmspotting Top 5: Movie Duets.

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0:00-1:41 - Billboard
2:57-38:40 - Review: "A Star Is Born"
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, "Shallow"
42:51-56:07 - Next Week / Notes
56:07-1:05:00 - Polls [Musical Dramas / Horror Sequels & Remakes]
1:05:00-1:23:09 - Preview: Chicago Int'l Film Festival
Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd, ""What's Up Doc?"
1:23:54-2:32:05 - Top 5: Movie Duets
2:32:05-2:37:55 - Close


- Josh’s review of “A Star is Born”

- David Ehrlich’s Letterboxd review of “Star”

- Top 5 Movie Duets

- Chicago International Film Festival


5. Widows
4. Cold War
3. Shoplifers
2. Non-Fiction
1. Roma


5. They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead
4. Friedkin Uncut
3. At Eternity’s Gate
2. Wildlife
1. Watergate


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