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#535: Ex Machina / Top 5 Movie Houses


Hop aboard the Filmspotting double decker bus for a tour of the movies' most famous and beloved homes... beloved by the hosts, anyway. Inspired by their review of Alex Garland's directing debut EX MACHINA, Josh and Adam share their Top 5 Movie Houses. Plus, Massacre Theatre and more.

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0:00-3:01 - Billboard / Casper-MUBI
3:01-36:30 - Review: "Ex Machina"
Music: Damien Jurado, "Metallic Cloud"
37:37-39:18 - Casper
39:18-49:44 - Notes
49:44-57:29 - Massacre Theatre
Music: Damien Jurado, "Jericho Road"
58:29-1:03:46 - Squarespace / Donations
1:03:46-1:31:40 - Top 5: Movie Houses
1:31:40-1:34:56 - Close / Outtake


Furious Voicemails


Damien Jurado


- Massacre Theatre winner: Aaron Schweighardt, Covington, KY

- How did Adam fail to mention that Vikander is dating Michael Fassbender? Great question.


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Top 5 Movie Houses


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