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#536: Reservoir Dogs / Top 5 Films of 1992


When RESERVOIR DOGS came out in 1992, Josh and Adam were movie geek teenagers – bound by their DNA to love it. But does Quentin Tarantino's debut hold up more than 20 years later? It's another Filmspotting Sacred Cow review... Plus, the Top 5 Films of 1992.

This episode is brought to you by MUBIHarry's (code FILMSPOTTING) and A24's Ex Machina.

0:00-2:52 - Billboard / Harry's-MUBI
2:52-43:01 - Review: "Reservoir Dogs"
Music: Sandy Rogers, "Fool for Love"
44:10-47:51 - A24-Harrys / Nerdette Promo
47:51-56:53 - Polls / Notes
56:53-1:09:55 - Top 5: Films of 1992
Music: Paul Westerberg, "Dyslexic Heart"
1:11:08-1:20:40 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:20:40-1:45:15 - Top 5: Films of 1992 cont.
1:45:15-1:48:44 - Close / Outtake


It Follows


- Soundtracks: "Reservoir Dogs," "Singles"


- Mr. Pink's "getaway" – We know he got involved in a shootout with the cops; still, we like the way he's the only one who walks out of the rendezvous alive with the money.


Noel Murray on "Singles"

Rosenbaum on "The Player"

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Top 5 Films of 1992


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