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#534: While We're Young / Top 5 Midlife Crisis Movies


With Adam and Josh trading in their sensible family sedans for a pair of matching convertibles, their wives suggested they reveal their Top 5 Midlife Crisis Movies. Plus, a review of Noah Baumbach's latest, WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, a conversation with Steve Prokopy about the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival, and the Filmspotting Madness champion is crowned.

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:00-3:43 - Billboard / Shutterstock-MUBI
3:43-33:00 - Review: "While We're Young"
Music: Ron Sexsmith, "Before The Light Is Gone"
33:56-36:19 - Shutterstock
36:19-51:33 - Notes / Chicago Critics Fest
51:33-1:04:25 - Filmspotting Madness / Polls
Music: Ron Sexsmith, "Getaway Car"
1:05:29-1:13:05 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:13:05-1:44:45 - Top 5: Midlife Crisis Movies
1:44:45-1:48:30 - Close


Ron Sexsmith


Josh's review of "While We're Young"

Chicago Critics Film Fest

Top 5 Midlife Crisis Movies


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