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#520: Top 5 Performances of 2014 / Mr. Turner

turner big-2026.jpg

The Oscars are still more than a month away, but Filmspotting's ballots are in for the best performances of 2014. Plus, a review of Mike Leigh's MR TURNER.

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0:00-2:30 - Sponsors / Billboard
2:30-25:43 - Review: "Mr. Turner"
Music: Jeremy Messersmith, "Ghost"
27:02-28:49 - Shutterstock
28:39-38:32 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
38:32-57:32 - Top 5: Performances of 2014
Music: Jeremy Messersmith, "It's Only Dancing"
58:45-1:09:00 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:09:09-1:33:04 - Performances of 2014 cont.
1:33:04-1:36:17 - Close


Best of 2014 Feedback

Ben's 2014 film montage


Jeremy Messersmith


- MT winner: Colin Hinckley, Brooklyn, NY


Ray Marathon Lineup

Josh's review of "Mr. Turner"

The Critical Press

"The Wire" crime scene investigation

Top 5 Performances of 2014


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