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#519: Top 10 Films of 2014 (Pt. 2)


Somehow "Left Behind" didn't make the cut in Pt. 1 of Filmspotting's Top 10 Films of 2014. But there are five picks remaining and four critics – including Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Scott Tobias (The Dissolve) – who might just end the suspense for Nic Cage.

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0:00-3:23 - Billboard / Pleasure Town
3:23-46:18 - Top 10 of 2014: #5-3
Music: "Andrew Void," Under the Skin
46:49-47:33 - SVU Promo
47:33-1:24:28 - Top 10 of 2014: #2-1
1:24:28-1:26:28 - Close


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All host and guest picks

Scott Tobias

Scott's "Birdman" review

Michael Phillips

The Tribe - Trailer


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