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#521: Selma / Top 5 Historic Event Movies


With the future of humanity depending on them, Josh and Adam recorded this episode from inside a time-traveling telephone booth in order to compile their Top 5 Historic Event Movies. Plus, your hosts have a dream of a biopic that doesn't worshipfully lionize its central character. Does SELMA deliver?

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0:00-3:04 - Billboard / Audible-Mubi
3:04-30:20 - Review: "Selma"
Music: D'Angelo, "The Door"
31:14-33:51 - Audible
33:51-51:10 - Notes / Polls
51:10-58:29 - Adam Recommends: "A Most Violent Year"
Music: D'Angelo, "Back to the Future (Part 1)"
59:24-1:01:59 - Donations / Promo: Nerdette
1:01:59-1:34:32 - Top 5: Historic Event Movies
1:34:32-1:37:38 - Close


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Top 5 Historic Event Movies


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