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#522: 2015 Movie Preview / American Sniper / Oscar Snubs


It's a (woefully civil) showdown over Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER, plus thoughts on the (woefully misguided) Oscar nominations, and Josh and Adam take their best shot at predicting what will eventually be their favorite films of the new year with their 2015 Movie Preview.

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0:00-3:13 - Billboard / Mubi
3:13-27:57 - Review: "American Sniper"
Music: The Decemberists, "Better Not Wake the Baby"
29:05-48:18 - Oscar Nominations / Notes
48:18-54:54 - Massacre Theatre
Music: The Decemberists, "Make You Better"
55:50-1:00:34 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:00:34-1:24:24 - Top 5: 2015 Movie Preview
1:24:24-1:27:15 - Close


The Decemberists


- The Untitled Austin Terrence Malick Project doesn't actually star Ben Affleck; but it does star Fassbender AND Gosling!


- Massacre Theatre winner: Katherine Stevens, Mundelein, IL


- Josh's review of "American Sniper"'s 20 biggest Oscar snubs

David Ehrlich on Aniston's "Cake"


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