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#512: Top 5 Movie Costumes (We'd Wear) / Birdman


Michael Phillips couldn't convince Adam and Josh to be the Chico and Harpo to his Groucho, but that didn't stop him from helping them share the Top 5 Movie Costumes they'd actually wear for Halloween. Plus, a review of BIRDMAN, starring Michael Keaton.

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0:00-2:01 - Billboard / Audible-Donations
2:01-29:46 - Review: "Birdman"
Music: Andrew Bird, "Tin Foiled"
31:03-33:12 - Audible
33:12-43:00 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
43:00-59:07 - Top 5: Movie Costumes (We'd Wear)
Music: Andrew Bird, "Don't Be Scared"
1:00:23-1:01:07 - SVU Promo
1:01:07-1:20:28 - Top 5: Movie Costumes cont.
1:20:28-1:24:07 - Close / Outtake


Andrew Bird


- Thanks to Zach Ford for the phenomenal costume Photoshops!



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