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#511: Whiplash / Top 5 Mentor-Proteges


It's the inspirational tale of a couple down-on-their-luck podcasters who make good with the help of a crusty old radio veteran. Josh and Adam share their Top Mentor-Proteges, and review a movie about a drummer driven to madness in his pursuit of musical perfection – WHIPLASH.

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0:00-1:28 - Billboard / Squarespace
1:28-33:06 - Review: "Whiplash"
Music: Herbie Hancock Quintet, "So What"
34:14-36:38 - Squarespace
36:38-51:31 - Notes / Polls
51:31-1:05:53 - Top 5: Mentor-Proteges
Music: Miles Davis, "So What"
1:07:01-1:12:10 - Donations
1:12:10-1:35:46 - Top 5: Mentor-Proteges cont.
1:35:46-1:39:02 - Close


- Herbie Hancock Quintet & Miles Davis 


- Turns out "Whiplash" references the cymbal toss by Papa Jo Jones NOT Philly Jo Jones.


Josh's review of Whiplash

"Next to Her"

Peter Bogdanovich IMDb- He doesn't have the greatest track record, but he does have more than 6 feature credits.

Grace's Squarespace site

Top 5 Mentor-Protege Relationships


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