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#513: Nightcrawler / Top 5 Nocturnal Movies


Vampires aren't the only crazies who come out at night. Josh and Adam stay up late to share their Top 5 Nocturnal Movies, and discuss Jake Gyllenhaal's creepy turn in writer/director Dan Gilroy's NIGHTCRAWLER.

This episode is presented by Audible and Harry's (code FILMSPOTTING).

0:00-3:13 - Billboard / Audible-Harry's
3:13-27:35 - Review: "Nightcrawler"
Music: Rural Alberta Advantage, "Runners in the Night"
28:52-33:12 - Harry's-Audible
30:53-40:54 - Notes / Polls
40:54-54:30 - Top 5: Nocturnal Movies
Music: Rural Alberta Advantage, "Terrified"
55:26-59:48 - Donations
59:48-1:16:00 - Top 5: Nocturnal Movies, cont.
1:16:00-1:19:44 - Close


Rural Alberta Advantage


- Audible recs: "Night," "Live from New York," "Oracle Night"


Josh's review of "Nightcrawler"


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