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#465: The Exorcist / Chaser / Top 5 Terrifying Characters


Josh and Adam get into the Halloween spirit with a Sacred Cow discussion of 1973’s THE EXORCIST. William Friedkin’s horror classic turns 40 this year. They also revisit their Top 5 Terrifying Characters from last fall, and continue their look at contemporary Korean cinema with 2008's THE CHASER.

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0:00-1:29 - Billboard / Squarespace
1:29-30:11 - Sacred Cow: "The Exorcist"
Music: Mike Oldfield, "Tubular Bells" from "The Exorcist"
30:56-33:12 - Sponsor: Squarespace
33:12-46:28 - Korean Auteurs #4: "The Chaser"
Music: Bernard Herrmann, "The Rainstorm" from "Psycho"
47:35-47:56 - SVU Promo
47:56-1:19:42 - Top 5: Terrifying Characters (2012)
1:19:42-1:22:12 - Close


- The Exorcist, Psycho


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