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#466: 12 Years a Slave / Top 5 Movies Set in the South

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Michael Phillips steps in for Adam to review one of the year’s most acclaimed films - director Steve McQueen’s 12 YEARS A SLAVE, the movie which inspired this week’s Top 5 Movies Set in the South... Plus, Adam and Josh discuss the fifth film in their Korean Auteurs Marathon, SECRET SUNSHINE.

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0:00-4:04 - Billboard / Audible
4:04-26:26 - Review: "12 Years a Slave"
Music: Lou Reed, "Satellite of Love"
27:51-29:43 - Sponsor: Shutterstock
29:43-36:31 - Massacre Theater
36:31-50:07 - Polls / Notes
50:07-1:12:54 - Korean Auteurs #5: "Secret Sunshine"
Music: Lou Reed, "Stephanie Says"
1:14:07-1:19:26 - Donations
1:19:26-1:49:18 - Top 5: Movies Set in the South
1:49:18-1:53:07 - Close


Michael Phillips on "Exorcist," Southern movies


Lou Reed


- Massacre Theatre winner: Peter Boyd, Kenosa, WI

- Audible recommendations: The Exorcist, World War Z


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