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#464: Captain Phillips / Top 5 Hostage Movies

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Adam and Josh discuss CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the new film from Paul Greengrass starring Tom Hanks. Plus, here's the deal: You give them your attention, they'll give you their Top 5 Hostage Movies.

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0:00-1:40 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:40-18:44 - Review: "Captain Phillips"
Music: Richard Buckner, "Surrounded"
20:14-22:02 - Sponsor: Shutterstock
22:02-28:49 - Massacre Theatre
28:49-39:26 - Polls / Notes
39:26-50:57 - Top 5: Hostage Movies
Music: Richard Buckner, "Lean-To"
52:02-57:08 - Donations
57:08-1:10:45 - Top 5: Hostage Movies cont.
1:10:45-1:13:52 - Close


Richard Buckner


- Massacre Theatre winner: Jefferson Hyde, Seattle, WA


Josh's review of "Captain Phillips"

Adam goes long on "Gravity"

"Strongman" doc

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Top 5 Hostage Movies


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