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#463: Gravity / Top 5 Movie Themes

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Herrmann, Steiner, Williams, Morricone, Bernstein… musical heavyweights battle for top 5 primacy this week as Filmspotting shares their favorite Movie Themes. Joining Josh and Adam is movie score fanatic Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune. Plus, their review of GRAVITY, the acclaimed new sci-fi film from Alfonso Cuarón.

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0:00-1:41 - Billboard / Squarespace
1:41-28:02 - Review: "Gravity"
Music: James Horner "Apollo 13, Main Theme"
29:11-32:28 - Sponsor: Squarespace
32:28-38:58 - Massacre Theatre
38:58-45:30 - Polls
41:20-1:00:14 - Top 5: Movie Themes, Part 1
Music: Elmer Bernstein "The Magnificent Seven, Theme"
1:01:24-1:05:54 - Donations / FS: SVU Promo
1:05:54-1:29:57 -Top 5: Movie Themes, Part 2
1:29:57-1:33:32 - Close


Michael's movie themes honorable mentions


- Apollo 13, The Magnificent Seven


- Massacre Theatre winner: Ben Haworth, Austin, TX


Michael Phillips

Josh's review of "Gravity"

Adam on "Gravity" and gender

Al's Squarespace site: Royal Pains band

Top 5 Movie Themes


The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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