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#340: Certified Copy / Paul / Top 5 Movies About Art


The A.V. Club's Tasha Robinson sits in for Matty this week to discuss Abbas Kiarostami's enigmatic "Certified Copy." Plus, Adam and Tasha share their Top 5 Movies About Art, and Tasha offers some thoughts on the new Simon Pegg-Nick Frost comedy "Paul."

- :00-20:48 - Review: "Certified Copy"
Music: Free Energy, "Free Energy"
- 22:00-29:56 - DVDs w/ Mike Spring
- 30:42-45:38 - Massacre Theatre / Polls / Notes
-45:39-51:42 - Review: "Paul"
Music: Free Energy, "Hope Child"
- 53:30-58:36 - Donations
- 59:15 -1:28:06 - Top 5: Movies About Art
- 1:28:07-1:30:19 - Close


Featured Artist: Free Energy


Contest: Seven Brides/TCM Event at The Music Box

Dogtooth director's next movie

2010 Filmspot: Official Winners

- Massacre Theatre winner: Dave Lieberman

- Top 5 Movies About Art

- Top 5 DVD Releases of the Week: Stand By Me: 25th Anniversary Ed., Our Hospitality, The Times of Harvey Milk, Anastasia/The Sandlot and Skyline.

- The next Listener's Choice movie, "Salt of the Earth," is available via Netflix Instant viewing.


The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes

Mike Spring/DVD Snapshot


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