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#339: The Adjustment Bureau / Red State / Top 5 Long Takes


Got a ticking noise in your head? Steve Prokopy (aka Capone) from Ain't It Cool News fills in for Matty this week to list the Top 5 Long Takes. Plus, a discussion of "The Adjustment Bureau" and Steve's reactions to Kevin Smith's "Red State" and "Battle: Los Angeles."

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- :00-16:29 - Review: "The Adjustment Bureau"
Music: The Damselles and The TC4, "Be My Lovin' Man"
- 19:40-33:17 - Massacre Theatre / Polls / Notes
- 33:18-42:07 - Review: "Red State"
Music: The Damselles and The TC4, "(I'll Go) Running To"
- 43:29-46:37 - Review: "Battle: Los Angeles"
- 46:38-1:10:45 - Top 5: Long Takes
- 1:10:45-1:12:35 - Close


Featured Artist: The Damselles & The TC4


- Watch the brilliant "Secret in Their Eyes' stadium sequence that in part inspired this week's top 5. Yes, for some reason I call 'Secrets'.

- Technical difficulties kept us from recording our usual DVD segment with Mike Spring from The week's notable releases include: Waste Land, The Fighter and Hereafter, plus Blu-ray releases of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Au revoir les enfants and Yi Yi.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Lauren Fulton

Top 5 Long Takes

Even horses love Michael Fassbender

- Audible recommendation(s): "A Scanner Darkly," "Minority and Other Stories" and "The Adjustment Bureau"


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