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FS Revisited: Top 5 Heist Movies / Le Cercle Rouge


Adam enlists Mike Spring (DVD Snapshot) to revisit Jean-Pierre Melville's classic "Le Cercle Rouge" and Filmspotting's Top 5 Heist Movies. Plus, "Black Swan" and screenwriter/listener Brett Merryman calls in to defend Michael Mann's heist epic "Heat."

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- :00-11:22 - Top 5 DVD Releases w/Mike Spring
- 11:23-26:52 - Review Revisted: "Black Swan"
Music: Deer Tick, "Song About A Man"
- 31:19-43:06 - Marathon Revisited: "Le Cercle Rouge"
Music: Deer Tick, "Hell On Earth"
- 44:45-59:08 - Top 5 Revisited: Heist Movies
- 59:21-1:11:31 - Listener Feedback, Defending "Heat" w/ Brett Merryman
- 1:11:32-1:14:06 - Close/Producer's Note


Featured Artist: Deer Tick


-  Video essay by Matt Zoller Seitz on Michael Mann

- Audible recommendation(s): "Zombie Spaceship Wasteland," "The Elephant to Hollywood"


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