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#320: Never Let Me Go / Top 5 Existential Movies


One of your hosts stops short of calling it a masterpiece, the other couldn't stay awake watching it... Adam and Matty discuss Mark Romanek's "Never Let Me Go." Plus, the third film in the Powell-Pressburger Marathon, "A Matter of Life and Death," and, appropriately, the Top 5 Existential Movies.

-:34-17:29 - Review: "Never Let Me Go"
Music: The Gaslight Anthem, "American Slang"
-18:29-23:10 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: N. Stephens)
-23:11-25:46 - Notes / Polls
-26:47-36:36 - Archers #3: "A Matter of Life and Death"
-Music: The Gaslight Anthem, "Bring It On"
-37:52-42:45 - DVDs / Donations
-43:19-56:45 - Top 5: Existential Movies
-56:45-1:00:04 - Close


Featured Artist: The Gaslight Anthem


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