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#321: Ed Burns / Top 5 Woody Allen Scenes


Filmmaker/actor Edward Burns sits in for Matty this week to discuss his new film "Nice Guy Johnny," and reflect on the career of his cinematic idol, Woody Allen. Adam and Ed review Allen's latest, "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger," and share their Top 5 Woody Allen Scenes.

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- :34-21:02 - Review: "You Will Meet A Tall, Dark Stranger"
Music: P.T. Walkley "What's What"

- 21:30-22:44
 - Audible Recommendation
- 23:00-29:29
 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: Scott Ham)
- 29:28-35:06
 - Notes / Polls
- 36:02-63:09
 - Interview: Ed Burns
Music: P.T. Walkley "Something More"

- 1:04:07-1:24:51
 - Top 5: Woody Allen Scenes
- 1:24:51-1:28:17
 - Close


Featured Artist: P.T. Walkley


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