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#319: The Social Network / Top 5 Ambition Movies


Adam and Matty beg you to like them this week by discussing David Fincher's "The Social Network." Plus, Matty's conversation with Davis Guggenheim, the director of the documentary "Waiting for 'Superman," and the Top 5 Movies About Ambition.

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- :34-20:25 - Review: "The Social Network"
Music: The Tins, "The Green Room"
- 21:29-23:13 - Audible Recommendation
- 23:14-27:24 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: M. Christal)
- 27:25-31:09 - Notes / Polls
- 31:10-47:53 - Interview: Davis Guggenheim
Music: The Tins, "Subtle Rattle"
- 47:14-53:34 - DVDs / Donations
- 48:32-1:11:32 - Top 5: Movies About Ambition
- 1:11:33-1:14:34 - Close / Outtakes


Featured Artist: The Tins


"The Social Network" Trailer

- "Social Network" score is not Nine Inch Nails but Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Or so someone much hipper than us says.

"Waiting for Superman" Trailer

"The Detective and The Dude" Filmspotting event

- Adam's Audible recommendations: "Never Let Me Go" and "The Way Hollywood Tells It."

Consider the Conversation: "A Documentary About a Taboo Subject"

- Adam's Top 5 Movies About Ambition from 2007 (FS #157): Double Indemnity; Ran / Throne of Blood; Bob Roberts / Cradle Will Rock; A Star is Born ('37); Risky Business.


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