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#239: Top 10 Films of 2008 / Frost/Nixon / Gran Torino / Seven Pounds

We interrupt your regular podcasting program to bring you Filmspotting's 'End of the Year Holiday and Winter Extravaganza' sponsored by Braniff Airlines and featuring special guests Ruth Buzzi, Paul Lynde, and reviews of the latest Holiday offerings -- including a breakdown of Ron Howard's "Frost/Nixon" with Frank Langella, Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino," and "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson.

Plus, Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune and the AV Club's Scott Tobias stop by to offer up a soulful duet version of The Christmas Song and find time to help Adam and Matty name their Top 10 Films of 2008. So warm your chestnuts by our open fire and enjoy a very special Rankin/Bass edition of Massacre Theatre, and watch as Señor Wences and Topo Gigo drop in to help little Matty discover the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of daily showering.

Music by David Ford from the album "Songs for the Road."

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Filmspotting #239
:25-8:06 - Review: "Frost/Nixon"
8:07-14:07 - Review: "Gran Torino"
14:08-18:26 - Review: "Seven Pounds"
Music: David Ford, "Decimate"
19:55-23:34 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: J. Walters)
23:35-41:11 - Top #10-6 Films of 2008
Music: David Ford, "Go To Hell"
43:47-58:21 - Top #5-4 Films of 2008
58:22-1:06:28 - Poll, New DVDs, Donations
Music: David Ford, "Song For the Road"
1:06:54-1:27:50 - Top #3-1 Films of 2008
1:27:51-1:30:28 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Continuing my (Adam's) "Few Good Men"-"Frost/Nixon" comparison... yes, Kevin Bacon basically plays the same role in both.
- Steve Prokopy aka Capone will be back on the show in a few weeks to countdown the Top 5 Performances of 2008.
- No, I 'didn't get' "Alexandra" -- but we also weren't reviewing it and weren't going to take the time during our #10-6 to discuss it in any detail.
- Was "American Teen" left off my honorable mentions? Definitely should have been said.
- Check back for Matty's Top 25 Films of 2008 as promised.


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