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#238: Doubt / Top 5 Supporting Performances of 2008

This week the lads memorize their catechisms, don their short pants and uniforms, and utter a couple of Hail Marys in hopes of avoiding the ire of Sister Aloysius, the dictatorial nun at odds with parish priest Father Flynn in the latest film from director/playwright John Patrick Shanley, "Doubt." Screen heavyweights Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman certainly bring their 'A games', but will it be co-stars Viola Davis and Amy Adams who find themselves a spot among Adam and Matty's Top 5 Supporting Performances of 2008?

Plus: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and music courtesy of Setting Sun.

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Filmspotting #238
:25-14:16 - Review: "Doubt"
Music: Setting Sun, "They're Calling"
14:54-18:40 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: J. Miller, Chicago)
18:41-23:11 - Voicemail, Polls
23:12-34:27 - Listener Feedback (Biopics)
Music: Setting Sun, "How Long"
34:59-51:02 - Top 5: Supp. Actors of 2008
Music: Setting Sun, "Carry Me Away"
51:30-55:13 - New DVDs, Donations
55:14-1:09:28 - Top 5: Supp. Actresses of 2008
1:09:29-1:11:39 - Close/Next Show

- For those who caught the early version of the show... Charlie Parker was Bird not Coltrane. Our jazz cards just got revoked.


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