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FS Fix: The Wrestler / Valkyrie

In this abbreviated Filmspotting Fix edition of the show... Just how good is Mickey Rourke's performance in Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"? Matty busts out the Sam Van Hallgren Memorial jar of hyperbole to give you his answer. Plus, Brian Singer's "Valkyrie" isn't that bad... and neither is Tom Cruise's performance. Seriously.

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- Following up my (Adam's) point about Randy putting on a show even at his other job... Found this in a great interview with former WWF champ Mick Foley: "He was Randy the Ram. It was the little cues that really registered — like how he lived to get a reaction from people, even if they were just customers at the deli counter."

- Yep, I said "Last Temptation" when I meant "Passion of the Christ." Hey, I got Jim Caviezel's name right!


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