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#633: Top 5 Summer Movie Questions


Joel Edgerton in IT COMES AT NIGHT.

1. Will anything in IT COMES AT NIGHT be as disturbing as Krisha uncorking a wine bottle?

2. Can Brad Pitt carry a comedy? (WAR MACHINE)

3. Has Bong Joon-ho gone touchy-feely with OKJA?

4. How strong are John Boyega’s dramatic acting chops? (DETROIT)

5. Which small Sundance film will break out big: BAND AID, BEATRIZ AT DINNER, INGRID GOES WEST, LANDLINE?


Zoe Kazan and Kumail Nanjiani in THE BIG SICK. 

1. Will the supernatural mysterious forces threatening a family in IT COMES AT NIGHT be as scary and fascinating as the natural mysterious forces that attacked the family in “Krisha”?

2. Do pigs dream of electric meat grinders? (OKJA)

3. What aren’t Grinnell College grads capable of? (THE BIG SICK)

4. Can director Taylor Sheridan follow-up screenwriter Taylor Sheridan’s acclaimed work on “Hell or High Water”? (WIND RIVER)

5. Will the best summer 2017 movie be a summer 1991 movie? (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D)

Excluded because part of 2017 Preview: THE DARK TOWER, DETROIT, THE TRIP TO SPAIN and LOGAN LUCKY.
Excluded because obvious: DUNKIRK


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