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#620: 2017 Preview / Top 5 Questions


1. What movie will best capture our post-Trump election socio-political climate? (UNTITLED DETROIT PROJECT, THE SHAPE OF WATER, etc...)

2. Which sci-fi flick will mark its second-time director as my new favorite – THE DISCOVERY or ANNIHILATION?

3. Can [insert title or director’s name here] make me care about fantasy? (THE DARK TOWER)

4. With all due respect to “THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS,” will THE TRIP remain the “best current movie franchise on the planet,” or will that title pass to PITCH PERFECT?

5. Which crime comedy ensemble will be guilty of being funniest – THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI or LOGAN LUCKY? 


1. How will a Clint Eastwood Western look through Sofia Coppola’s gauzy lens? (THE BEGUILED)

2. Will A GHOST STORY be this year’s "Boyhood" or "Birth of a Nation"?

3. Who will get my 2017 comeback award – Terrence Malick (SONG TO SONG) or Duncan Jones? (MUTE)

4. Which intriguing director-actress pairing will be more fruitful – THE SQUARE or MOTHER?

5. Is there any way that the rebooted "Apes" franchise goes 3-for-3? (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES)


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