"The Flagship Film Podcast"

“The flagship film podcast” featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews.

Sacred Cow Reviews

2001: A Space OdYssey*


Almost Famous

Batman ('89)

Blade Runner

Blazing Saddles

Born On the Fourth of July

The Breakfast Club


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Dark Knight

Dead POet's Society

Die Hard

Edward Scissorhands

The Evil Dead ('81)*

The Exorcist

Groundhog Day*

Lawrence of Arabia

Lost In Translation

Miller's Crossing

The Night of the Living Dead ('68)

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Pulp Fiction

Raiders of the Lost Ark*

The Royal Tenenbaums

ReservoiR Dogs


Say Anything...

The Shining*

The Terminator

There Will Be Blood


To Kill A Mockingbird*


YOung Frankenstein


* With Michael Phillips

False Idols declared by Josh: The Evil Dead, The Exorcist, To Kill a Mockingbird

False Idols declared by Adam: A Nightmare On Elm Street


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