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#658: Top 5 Movie Years / There Will Be Blood / Coco / Mudbound


Great movie years usually come down to a memorable Best Picture matchup. In 1939, it was "Gone With the Wind" vs. "The Wizard of Oz." In '94, "Pulp Fiction" vs. Forrest Gump." And a decade ago it was the Coen Bros.’ "No Country for Old Men" vs. Paul Thomas Anderson’s THERE WILL BE BLOOD. On this week's show, Adam and Josh honor the 10th anniversary of '07 with a Sacred Cow review of the PTA masterpiece and share their own Top 5 Movie Years. (Have a seat, 1939, you and Scarlett are going to sit this one out.)

0:00-2:01 - Intro
3:09-39:53 - Sacred Cow: "There Will Be Blood"
Jonny Greenwood, "Prospector's Quartet"
42:57-45:57 - Next week / Notes
45:57-56:28 - Massacre Theatre
56:28-1:03:37 - Larsen Recs: "Coco," "Mudbound"
Michael Giacchino, "Dia de los Muertos Suite"
1:06:14-1:47:27 - Top 5: Movie Years
1:47:27-1:49:20 - Close

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- Massacre Theatre winner: Tanya McAvoy, Denver

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