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#422: Spielberg Spectacular! Lincoln / Close Encounters of the Third Kind


We're gonna need a bigger show... Michael Phillips drops by to select the Top 5 Spielberg Scenes and review the director's latest, "Lincoln." Plus, cook up those mashed potatoes for a Sacred Cow discussion of one Spielberg classic – 1977’s "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

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Filmspotting #422
:00-3:08 - Billboard / Shutterstock
3:09-31:31 - Review: "Lincoln"
Music: "Shark Attack"; "Raiders March"
32:27-33:26 - Sponsor: FreshBooks
33:50-40:01 - Massacre Theatre
39:52-45:35 - Polls
41:45-1:07:16 - Sacred Cow: "Close Encounters..."
Music: John Williams "Catch Me... (Opening Theme)"; "E.T. (Main Theme)"
1:08:17-1:18:50 - Donations
1:19:16-1:55:50 - Top 5: Spielberg Scenes
1:55:51-2:00:37 - Close


Lincoln's 2012 parallels


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- Massacre Theatre winner: Caleb Copeland


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