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#674: Isle of Dogs / Top 5 Wes Anderson Scenes / FS Madness Final Four


The last time Wes Anderson took his act overseas, it was to India for 2007's "The Darjeeling Limited," which faced criticism for cultural insensitivity. Anderson's latest - the stop-motion animated ISLE OF DOGS - is set in Japan, and some of those same criticisms have resurfaced. While acknowledging its critics, Josh deems the setting "crucial" to the film's power and anoints it an early front-runner for his film of the year. But does (relative) Anderson-skeptic Adam follow his co-host's lead? A review of "Dogs," Josh and Michael Phillips' Top 5 Wes Anderson Scenes (from 2014) and the Filmspotting Madness: Best of the '90s Final Four revealed.
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0:00-2:05 - Intro
3:00-37:24 - Review: "Isle of Dogs"
Jack White, "Why Walk a Dog?"
39:58-49:07 - Next Week / Notes
49:07-1:01:11 - Filmspotting Madness: Final 4
1:01:11-1:16:39 - Top 5: Wes Anderson Scenes (2014)
The Ramones, "Judy Is a Punk"
1:17:24-1:36:48 - Top 5: Wes Anderson Scenes (2014), cont
1:36:48-1:39:04 - Close


- Jack White


- Josh's review of Isle of Dogs

- Justin Chang's review of Isle of Dogs

- What It's Like to Watch Isle of Dogs As a Japanese Speaker



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