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#673: Unsane / FS Madness Elite 8


When Steven Soderbergh returned to feature filmmaking last year with the low budget heist caper "Logan Lucky," it was just another chapter in the mercurial director’s career. Blockbuster filmmaker. Indie auteur. Soderbergh has done it all. He shot his latest - the psychological thriller UNSANE featuring Claire Foy ("The Crown") - on an iPhone 7. Fresh from their screening, Adam and Josh offer up some "still processing" thoughts. Plus, results from the Sweet 16 matchups - "Fargo" v "Before Sunrise"? "Big Lebowski" v "Boogie Nights"? - of Filmspotting Madness: Best of the '90s.

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0:00-2:01 - Intro
4:06-30:02 - Review: "Unsane"
Carter Burwell, "Fargo, North Dakota"
32:32-41:39 - Next Week / Notes
41:39-58:40 - Filmspotting Madness: Elite 8
58:40-1:00:00 - Close


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