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#659: Top 5 Best Worst Movies / The Disaster Artist / Shape of Water


It’s not easy to make a good movie, never mind a great one. But it may be even harder to make a truly terrible movie. 2003’s "The Room" is one such terrible movie that is so bad it's become legend - and a favorite at midnight movie screenings. It's also the subject of the new James Franco-directed (and starring) film THE DISASTER ARTIST, which tells the story of how "The Room" came to be. This week, reviews of "Artist" and THE SHAPE OF WATER, a wondrous new Cold War-era fairy tale from Guillermo del Toro. Plus, the Top 5 Best Worst Movies with Rob Hill, author of "The Bad Movie Bible."

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0:00-2:03 - Intro
3:28-34:13 - Review: "The Shape Of Water"
Ron Gallo, "Don't Mind The Lion"
36:09-38:47 - Next week / Notes
38:47-45:35 - Polls: "The Room" / Best of 2017
45:35-1:00:17 - Review: "The Disaster Artist"
Ron Gallo, "Young Lady You're Scaring Me"
1:01:40-1:06:31 - Donations
1:06:31-1:40:53 - Top 5: Best Bad Movies
1:40:53-1:44:11 - Close / Outtake


- Ron Gallo


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