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#657: Lady Bird / Justice League / Top 5 Female-Directed Debuts


Back in 2010, actress Greta Gerwig was the loopy, optimistic lifeforce in Noah Baumbach’s otherwise bitter and cynical “Greenberg.” She went on to co-write and star in a pair of Baumbach films before making her own directing debut this fall with LADY BIRD. The autobiographical film is set in 2002 and stars Saoirse Ronan as the strong-willed Gerwig stand-in with Laurie Metcalf as her equally tough mom. Ronan's "Lady Bird" may be an iconoclast, but Adam and Josh are only too happy to conform to the critical consensus that Gerwig's film is one of the year's best. Plus, Josh's thoughts on the new JUSTICE LEAGUE and the Top 5 Female-Directed Debuts.

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0:00-1:35 - Intro
2:23-27:42 - Review: "Lady Bird"
First Aid Kit, "It's A Shame"
29:31-35:22 - Josh on "Justice League"
35:22-44:43 - Next Week ("The Force Awakens") / Notes
44:43-53:30 - Massacre Theatre
53:30-1:01:16 - Adam on "Orient Express," "Wonderstruck"
First Aid Kit, "Postcard"
1:02:31-1:03:22 - Donations
1:03:22-1:36:07 - Top 5: Female-Directed Debuts
1:36:07-1:38:50 - Close


- First Aid Kit


- Yes, Greta Gerwig previously co-directed "Nights and Weekends."

- "Hearts of Darkness" probably should have been excluded; Eleanor Coppola is credited as co-director having shot the documentary footage.

- Barbara Kopple also made the 1990 strike movie "American Dream."

- Massacre Theatre winner: Andrea Cooper, Houston, TX


- Josh's "Lady Bird" review

Full list of Female-Directed Debuts

- Elisabeth Shue's "Babysitting" dance


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