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#656: Wonderstruck / Killing of a Sacred Deer / Faces Places


With a deluge of great stuff heading to theaters over the next couple of weeks, Adam and Josh devote this week’s show to the latest from three great directors: Todd Haynes ("Carol," "Far From Heaven") brings his experimental rigor to the adaptation of Brian Selznick's novel-with-pictures WONDERSTRUCK; former Golden Brick-winner Yorgos Lanthimos delivers Kubrick-inspired horror with THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER; and the 89-year-old French New Wave pioneer Agnes Varda ends a decade-long hiatus with her joyful new doc FACES PLACES. Plus, results from the latest Filmspotting Death Match.

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0:00-1:46 - Intro
2:36-26:29 - Review: "Faces Places"
Destroyer, "In the Morning"
30:53-36:55 - Larsen Recommends: "Wonderstruck"
36:55-43:22 - Notes
43:22-54:30 - Polls: Death Match / "The Room"
54:30-1:00:29 - Larsen: "The Killing of a Sacred Deer"
1:00:29-1:10:46 - Close / Hot Mics




Martin McDonagh's Filmspotting interview (3:58)

- Josh's Sacred Deer review


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