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#572: May Marathon #1 - A New Leaf / Top 5 Comedies About the Rich


After carbo-loading for weeks and buying a pair of matching running shorts, Adam and Josh set off on the latest Filmspotting Marathon: a four-part look at the work of comedy legend Elaine May – a director unfortunately best known for one of the biggest box office failures of the 1980s: "Ishtar." This week, a review of May's 1971 debut A NEW LEAF starring May and Walter Matthau. Plus, the Top 5 Comedies About the Rich.

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0:00-1:57 - Billboard / Sponsors
1:57-41:29 - Elaine May #1: "A New Leaf"
Music: Little Legend, "Crooked My Nose"
42:25-45:03 - Sponsors
45:03-1:06:20 - Notes / Polls
Music: Little Legend, "My Best George Carlin"
1:07:16-1:03:10 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:13:32-1:46:01 - Top 5: Comedies About the Rich
1:46:01-1:47:45 - Close


Little Legend


NY Times Jacques Rivette obit

Peter Labuza's The Cinephiliacs

American Masters: Mike Nichols

Josh's review of A New Leaf


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